Fermilab sponsors Computational Science Research through the activities of researchers within the Scientific Computing Division and wider Fermilab community. Computational Science Researchers (CSRs) can be allocated dedicated research fractions as part of their activities. In some cases, computing projects include research activities as part of their agreed upon program of work.

Computational research is being advanced as a core laboratory competency. Computation research activities are coordinated to align with the laboratory mission, to foster and facilitate the work being done, to provide a forum of communication across projects and researchers. The activities include:

  • Increasing the visibility of computational research, interfacing with Lab, Scientific and Computing management
  • Providing mentoring and coordination of research fractions for theĀ CSRs
  • Providing a forum for generating grant proposals and tracking grant calls for external funding
  • Encouraging the publication of the outcomes of computation science research

Activities encompass the full stack of software for HEP: frameworks and tools for physics analysis and reconstruction, real-time software and engineering for DAQ, simulation packages and applications and workflow and production tools, networking and data management. In addition, the researchers have an enormous store of knowledge about and expertise in scientific computing. There are strong ties with other institutions including participation or lead on collaborative R&D efforts on new architectures to transform our major toolkits.