Mission statement –

The Computational Science Department encourages and facilitates Computational Science within the scientific computing division and wider Fermilab community by supporting Computational Researchers that are are not directly part of the physics research program.  It will aid in advancing computational research as a core laboratory competency. The department helps to ensure that computation research activities are aligned with the laboratory mission and that researchers have adequate time and resources to start and end research projects.

The department will work to help

  • increase visibility of computational research, interfacing with division management
  • provide mentoring and coordination of CSR research fractions
  • provide a forum for generating grant proposals and tracking grant calls for external funding
  • publish computation science research

The following are members of Computational R&D. (All pictures are attributed to Fermilab or to the person pictured.)


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.04.38 AMWenji Wu, Principle Network Research Investigator, Fermilab, Core Computing Division

Research areas: high speed networking, distributed systems, bulk data movement

Research projects: a) The MDTM Project, funded by DOE/ASCR Network Research program, b) The BigData Express Project, funded by DOE/ASCR Network Research program, c) The WireCAP project,



Liang Zhang is a computer science researcher at Fermilab Network Research Group. His research interests lie in Internet, network protocols, resource management and high performance software architecture. His work involves designing practical algorithms and building prototype systems in real-life environments. For the last two years, his research has been on devising software architecture and algorithms for implementing bulk data transfer over the Internet. His studies include multicore computing, multitask scheduling, routing, congestion control, reliable multicasting algorithms and real-time protocols. Recently, he has also been studying architecture and algorithms of Software Defined Networking (SDN) for implementing active value-added distributed services over the Internet.

Liang Zhang received his Ph.D. from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004, majored in Networking. He worked at Bell Labs, Northwestern University and Harris Corporation before joining Fermilab in 2013.