James Amundson

amundson-headshotDr. James Amundson heads the Scientific Software Infrastructure Department in Fermilab’s Scientific Computing Division. His department develops and maintains the framework software at the core of many current High Energy Physics experiments, including cmssw, used by the LHC CMS experiment, art, used by many Fermilab Intensity Frontier experiments, and LArSoft, used by many liquid argon experiments. He is the co-architect and primary author of accelerator modeling tool Synergia, which he develops as part of his work as the Scientific Leader of the Community Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation (ComPASS).

He received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle Physics from the University of Chicago in 1993. He then pursued his research in QCD and the production and decays of heavy quarks as a postdoc and a visiting assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and as a postdoc at Michigan State University. He joined the Fermilab Computing Division in 1998. His early work in the Computing Division included the development of SoftRelTools II, and work on the Particle Physics Data Grid SciDAC project. He has been working on HPC accelerator simulation projects since 2002.