Mike Wang

rdpic-mwangMike Wang is an applications physicist in the Reconstruction group of the Scientific Software Infrastructure Department in SCD.  His primary interest and expertise is in the use of novel but practical computing technologies that enable the solution of what would normally be considered computationally prohibitive problems in HEP. An example is the design of a high data rate trigger system based on a heterogenous mix of custom and COTS hardware, before it was common to use COTS hardware in online trigger systems.  Another is the use of the Open Science Grid to perform a fundamental physics measurement based on a compute-intensive MC integration technique for extracting the most precise measurement of the top quark mass, during a time when HEP grid use was limited to production jobs. Currently, he is leading an LDRD project investigating the suitability of a new computing architecture, based on Non-deterministic Finite Automata (Micron Automata Processor), for pattern recognition and digital signal processing applications in HEP experiments.