Why do computational science?

“New computing architectures are emerging as a result of advancements in computing hardware. The exascale era of computing will drive these innovative hardware and software technologies. Particle physics will have to adapt so that its researchers can benefit from the increased performance of these architectures. Synergies between the DOE OHEP program and the DOE ASCR program will be essential to allow the U.S. particle physics community to take advantage of this new computing era. Fermilab will seed, cultivate, and coordinate cross-cutting development efforts between OHEP experimental programs and ASCR institutions to maximize the benefit from exascale computing. With a recently funded LDRD effort on “Exascale-era computing and HEP”, Fermilab is starting on the path to evolve particle physics software and computing to be part of the exascale future.”

from: ppp-docdb.fnal.gov – FNAL-2016-Strategic-Plan.pdf

Fermilab has a core capability of advanced computer science, visualization and data and the following diagram shows the applicable areas.

From: http://ppp-docdb.fnal.gov/cgi-bin/RetrieveFile?docid=77&filename=FNAL-Core-Capabilities-20160120.pdf&version=3

Presented at the February 1, 2016 FY2016 Core Capability Review by Joe Lykken.

Lab strategy goals at: https://fermipoint.fnal.gov/organization/ocoo/ippm/Lists/Objectives/View%20by%20Theme%20and%20Goal.aspx

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